“Terra Cinza revisited” at Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, Setúbal (MAEDS)

“Terra cinza re-visited” continues and updates “Terra Cinza” (Ashen Land) work, first shown in 2012. The initial work was based on a clearly defined intention and time-frame. The exhibition presented at the  Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, Setúbal (MAEDS) results from reviewing, rethinking and setting the initial work to a now time frame. As guidelines for this revisit and update, the ideias of non-place, in particular, and landscape, in general, served as base.  The impulse and idea for the initial work

resulted from visits to the Caldeirão hill range in southern Portugal during devastating fires. The results of these fires served as the motivation and the urgency of Ashen land . The ancestral relationships and livelihoods of the local populations with their environment and ecology radically changes, radically disappears, in a matter of hours. The Ashen land scape and ecosystem that result from this “inferno” made clear the need to produce work dominated by little or faded colour, by grey and black. This  charred ecology, this ashen(ed) land, with its livelihood sustainability radically questioned, is dominated by brand new shining wind generators, a XXI century icon.
mp 2012

Terra cinza revisited · mp
untitled 2015, from the series “Terra Cinza” (Arrábida)

More about the initial work at can be seen in “Terra Cinza”. Open on July 10 at 21:30 at the  MAEDS, Portugal,  “Line and Space” with 4 exhibitions by Fábio M. Roque (photography), Filipe Rodrigues (drawing), Miguel Proença (photography) and Rogério Paulo Silva (multimedia). Terra Cinza revisited, is open until September 15. Prints available.