Sunday afternoon

Sunday Afternoon · Miguel Proença · mp

eyeyeye collective · on a Sunday

Sunday Afternoon is also the project name for this collective exhibition. This is in fact the first exhibition, the premiere, of the eyeyeye collective. It was co founded in 2006 by six photographers and artists that use photography as their primary means of expression. They are Alexandre Vaz, Armando Ribeiro, Bruno Lopes, José Manuel Bacelar, Miguel Proença e São Trindade.

For this inaugural exhibition of the group at the Casa das Artes e Tavira (2006) the common denominator is the theme,  an Afternoon, on a Sunday.

Cenacolo vinciano

Inspired on the Cenacolo vinciano, this is a work in photomontage, on portraits of people leasurely sitting at a table, one at a time.