Category Invitation

Invitation to event, show, exhibition, installation and/or conference, with photographer, author and/or curator work presented.


Events usually include a Q&A session, during or towards the end. More info on specific event entry (ie. type, tittle, date, time, venue). Past, ongoing and future work, updated as needed. The category will also provide a history of photography author work. · mp

Jellyfish · Citizenship Congress · Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation · mp

Presented at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon),  Alforrreca no Charco (“Jellyfish in pool”) participates in the Citizenship Congress. Rupture and Utopia for the Next Democratic Revolution lineup, with other works, by Rogério Paulo Silva and Henrique Vieira Ribeiro, among others. 13-14 March 2015,…

paisagem estranha entranha – site online

The site for the paisagem estranha entranha project is online. We chose English as the site language. Each instance, or appearance, of the project builds on the previous ones. Here is a link to paisagem-estranha-entranha, enjoy!