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Double Village

Double Village is the exhibition catalogue tittle. Double Village opened in 2013, and presents photographic work of the authors concerning the moving and resettling processes of Luz village and its population as a result of the transformations brought about by the…

Alqueva – paisagem que muda povo que espera

Alqueva – paisagem que muda povo que espera“Alqueva Dam – changing scape, a people awaiting”2007, (B&W) photo book, with text by António Oliveira Soares, design by Patrícia Proença,Arte Contempo, Lisbon.

Arts & Traps from Earth to Sea

Arts & Traps from earth to sea (Artes & Artimanhas da terra para o mar) 2000, Photo book (B&W), bilingual (pt/en), with Raquel Delgado Martins (text), design by Patrícia Proença.Casa das Artes de Tavira, 2000.ISBN: 972-95891-2-7. A selection of works and…