UK in the 70s · Boarding school

UK in the 70s is a group of photographs whilst living as a student in England; first in boarding school and later at an art school to pursue a UK photographer training. Getting sent to an English boarding school in  the seventies resulted from parent’s not dealing with their children’s education for a myriad of reasons.

The images presented on this and subsequent posts relate to this boarding school experience time, in and out of the school grounds. These images are gradually “emerging” from my photo archive, and although they cannot be seen as photographic work proper, they are the first body, the initial impulse, towards becoming a photographer, an impulse that still haunts me today. Those photographs also serve to document a time, serve to rememorate that time. Finally back in the UK in 2015-16 for a brief period, very different.

UK in the 70s · about the archive

The archives of the late seventies and early eighties in the UK are made up of some prints (the ones thus far located) from that time as well as a collection of negatives that will take longer to sort through and digitise as I reorganize life back in Portugal. Bear with me, I will publish photos as possible. The order may be changed with time, as new photos are introduced and the sense/thrust of the idea evolves. Please feel free to contact me here or on FB. This overall edition (boarding + art school) will be part of a larger series called The UK years. The posts are thus far organised as:

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